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About Evans Cold Storage Solutions

Evans Cold Storage Solutions is a full-service multi-temperatured warehouse with refrigerated, frozen, and dry zones all under one roof.

With focus on customizable solutions, Evans Cold Storage Solutions is proud to be the warehousing and logistics arm of many small-to-medium sized businesses.


Whether your business requires a few pallets of short term storage, or a long-term solution for thousands of pallets; and whether your business requires refrigerated, frozen or dry storage; and whether your business requires movement of full pallets, or highly selective order picking, Evans Cold Storage is well equipped to meet your needs.

We strive to offer the most customizable solutions in the most time sensitive manner at the most reasonable cost.


We offer a variety of services, see below!

Sanitation and food safety are of utmost concern to Evans Cold Storage, and our regulatory compliance team will ensure that all specifications are adhered to (including but not limited to: organic certification, HACCP, CFIA, OMAFRA). We also have experience in sophisticated project management (including product recalls) for our clients, so rest assured, the safety and security of your product is of the utmost concern for us as well.


Whether your warehousing requirements involve: short-term storage, long-term storage, segregated storage, cross docking, or order consolidation, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.


Evans Cold Storage Solutions is a member of CPC pallet exchange program. We also work within CHEP on behalf of our clients, and also use and provide 4-way or disposable pallets.


Perhaps your needs are greater, and include transportation or specialized services. We’d be happy to discuss those requirements with you as well.

With our two locations, Evans Cold Storage has the ability to meet your frozen, refrigerated and dry storage requirements.


With cooler temperatures at a maximum of 4°C, and the freezer temperatures at -25°C, we are able to handle a variety of food and beverage requirements.


Two Toronto locations to serve you better!

Evans Cold Storage Solutions is located in South Toronto, with convenient access to both the Gardiner/QEW and the 400 series highways.


Horner Avenue

Services Available:


  • Refrigerated Storage (2 and 4 c)
  • Frozen Storage ( -18 c to -23 c)
  • Ambient Storage

Fima Crescent

Services Available:


  • Frozen Storage ( -18 c to -23 c)
  • Ambient Storage


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Inquiries? Call us today at (416) 503-2256

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